LAUBER is a worldwide well-known and leading manufacturer of optimised and efficient dryers and your professional partner for the implementation of efficient drying systems and utilisation concepts of water heat from biogas units, CHP plants or gasifiers.

The success of company LAUBER is based on a long-living expectancy of the LAUBER dryers "made in Germany" combined with a convenient and automatic control system!

LAUBER is general distributor of company MÜHLBÖCK in Germany since 1991. Their wide range of products gives to the customer the right solution in all sizes and various drying technologies: the right solution - from (smaller) longitudinal to (larger) transversal ventilated wood dryers, from steam kilns to vacuum kilns, from dryers for bulk solids to drying kilns for heat-treatment or technical ageing of different materials like plastic, metal or something else.

Products of company LAUBER:

  • timber dryer for small and middle-sized volumes in the proven fresh-air / exhaust-air drying technology (conventional drying). 
  • LAUBER dryer L-ENZ for bulk solids in connection with special ventilated hook lift containers; for an efficient and powerful drying of bulk solids like e.g. wood chips and firewood, digestate, grain and maize. Lauber dryer L-ENZ uses waste heat from biogas plants, biomass CHP plants etc.
  • heat treatment kilns up to 250°C

Products of company Mühlböck:

  • efficient, economic and reliable drying kilns in all sizes, large drying kilns primarily suitable for sawmills and woodworking industry
  • continuously loaded wood chips and wood shavings drier from  2-100 m³/h
  • steam kilns, vacuum kilns, dryer for wood packaging (pallet dryer) and dryers for special demands 


Lauber at exhibition

Biogas - Expo & Congress 2018 - Germany
31. Jan. + 1. Feb. 2018
Exhibition Center Offenburg
Stand 28

Lauber bulk material dryer L-ENZ

Lauber bulk material dryer L-ENZ

NEW, we extended our product range:
Right now, additional to our standard solutions we can supply
L-ENZ 280, L-ENZ 800 and
L-ENZ 1000.

Lauber dryer L-ENZ generates in connection with special ventilated hook lift containers an efficient, flexible and powerful system for drying bulk solids like e.g. wood chips and firewood, digestate, grain and maize. In using waste heat from biogas plants, CHPs, wood gasifiers etc. or taking the surplus of heat from biomass boilers a viable, economic and renewable energy yield is achieved with the Lauber dryer L-ENZ. The dryer is supplied completely installed with an integrated control room and a convenient control system and works as a heat sink function in energy systems or according to pressure differential, return temperature or temperature air.

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