Perfect drying with LAUBER computer automatic MP 9010

LAUBER drying kilns and self assembly aggregates have the computer automatic system MP 9010 included! This computer automatic system MP 9010 provides highest quality and safety requirements with short drying times and economical aspects. The MP 9010 is based on decades of experience in wood drying and runs the drying process automatically. It always controls exactly the climate inside the drying chamber from which follows the optimal drying conditions for the given/ pre-set timber moisture content, for every type and thickness of timber. The observance of the drying gradient and drying temperature is guaranteed.

With 3 inputs the process of drying is completely programmed!

  1. The wood code
  2. The thickness of the timer
  3. The final moisture content

The new LAUBER preset system which allows all possible varieties of drying is the heart of this computer automatic MP 9010 which is equipped with highest standard of technique and maximum comfort:

Our experience regulates the drying process.

The timber itself decides the conduct of drying.

The drying process needs a controlled climate which depends on the wood type and the moisture content. One requirement for an optimal drying process is the continuous measurement of the wood moisture (u) and the wood equilibrium moisture (ugl). The equilibrium moisture depends on the relative humidity and
the drying temperature.

The computer automation MP 9010 guarantees the observance of the drying gradient and drying temperature matched for the corresponding type and thickness of timber. It always controls exactly the climate in the drying chamber
and follows the optimal drying conditions for the given moisture content in every case.

The MP 9010 automatically opens and closes the air valves and thus controls precisely the necessary regeneration of air. If the timber equilibrium moisture in the drying chamber is too low, the MP 9010 itself activates the spraying in order to moisten the air of the drier. At the same time the MP 9010 checks whether the air has been warmed up sufficiently to vaporize the water sprayed in.

The advantages of the computer automation MP 9010

  • Fully automatic measurement and regulation of the wood moisture, equilibrium moisture and the temperature.
  • Constant and clear announcement of all measuring parameters and the current conditions of the drying process.
  • Approximately 1000 given drying programs for all types of wood to ensure the optimum drying guidance in every case. Nevertheless drying parameters themselves can be changed manually by the customer.
  • The built-in safety “switch-off” continuously supervises the timber equilibrium moisture. It automatically switches off the dryer in case of lacking ugl, for example in cases of no water inflow (clogged up nozzle).
  • The drying conduct may either is checked from one timber humidity measuring point or from the average of several measuring points.
  • A timer (day time clock) for starting an interval drying processes, especially for hard wood.
  • Fully automatic heat treatment for pest control and observance of packing regulations (for example export wood to China).
  • Wood temperature sensor for the additional optimisation of the drying process and/or for the proof and logging of the temperature of the wood.
  • Option of starting steaming processes, for example to change the colour of the wood.
  • Matrix printer for logging.
  • Maximum comfort with the connection to a conventional computer (PC).