Lauber TroCo hook-lift drying containers

Suitable for a variety of different bulk materials

The LAUBER TroCo hook-lift drying container is equipped with an universal ventilation floor and serves for drying and transporting any air-permeable materials such asHolzschnitzel

  • corn/maize
  • wood chips/saw dust
  • chopped wood (firewood)
  • hey/alfalfa
  • garin/seeds
  • bio waste such as horse manure
  • and many others

Technical design

The containers are manufactured according to German DIN standard and with the standard internal dimensions length x width x height 6.5 m x 2.4 m x 2.2 m and have a net volume of approx. 32.5 m³. Larger or smaller versions (20 to 40 m³) can also be supplied. Die Container werden nach DIN-Norm mit den Standard-Innenmaßen Länge x Breite x Höhe 6,5m x 2,4m x 2,2m in gefertigt und haben ein Netto-Nutzvolumen von ca. 32,5 m³. Auch größere oder kleinere Ausführungen (20 bis 40 m³) sind möglich.

The container is optionally designed with a double-wing door or pendulum-type flap. For the double-wing door, the door division is about 2/3 - 1/3 to allow a centrally aligned air hose connection to allow an optimised air distribution.

A plenty big air hose connection allows the connection to the drying system by means of a flexible air hose. Inside the container, the air is distributed equally over the complete area of the ventilated drying floor by means of an inlet funnel and air direction sheets.

The air flows from the bottom to top - in harmony with the natural behaviour of heated air - through the bulk material and dries it equally.

Advantages compared to other drying bins

Technical adaptability to foreign vehicle standards

Containers standards may differ from country to country. It is basically possible to customize e.g. the floor height of the lifting bar and the type and position of the locking system of the container (deviating from the German DIN standard). For more details please contact us!

LAUBER TroCo ventilation system for third-party containers/trailers

LAUBER also offers the TroCo ventilation system including the universal ventilated drying floor and air hose connection for third-party containers.

On-site existing standard roll-off containers or trailers without ventilated drying floor can be converted in drying containers with with little effort and costs. We also offer our tried-and-tested vapor-permeable fleece covers for third-party containers. If you are interested, you can contact us directly or in first instance, switch to our download section to fill and provide the respective questionnaires for a quotation.