LAUBER Heat Treatment Systems

Lauber Heat Treatment Systems and Climate Chambers

Next to woor drying, LAUBER is the competent supplier of innovative technology in various application areas of drying, steaming and tempering various materials.

LAUBER offers solution concepts tailored to individual problems - regardless of whether they are diverse sealants, rubbers, plastics, ceramics of all kinds or even animal food.

For instance, by exposing various materials to a certain temperature and relative humidity, the aging of the material can be technically accelerated and thus a desired final state be achieved.

A selection of requirements for which LAUBER has supplied a technical solution:

  • Maturating and drying of lead plates
  • Steaming and drying oak with the same chamber
  • Heat treatment of plastics, up to 220┬░C, e.g. for the automotive industry
  • Steam and heat treatment of ceramic components
  • Steaming of fulled (walked) materials
  • Tempering of epoxy resin insulation from of conductor rails
  • Regeneration and moistening of plastic moldings
  • Drying of maggots
  • Drying of pig stomachs
  • Drying of horse blankets
  • Tunnel heaters for concrete heating technology