Computerautomatik MP 9010

All LAUBER timber dryers use the MP 9010 automatic computer as standard. It is based on decades of experience in wood drying and combines the highest quality and safety standards with short drying times and economic energy use.

The drying process is completely automatic.

The control guarantees compliance with the drying gradient and the drying temperature adjusted to the respective type of wood and wood thickness. The exact climate in the drying chamber is always regulated, which results in optimum drying conditions for the particular moisture content of the wood.

By entering a wood number assigned to each type of wood, the ideal drying guidance is specified

With just 3 entries, the dryer is fully programmed!

Wood drying
The parameters of drying such as temperature, climate and drying gradient are specified and programmed in the fully automatic control system MP 9010 in a wood type-specific manner. By entering the type of wood, the thickness of the wood and the desired final moisture content, the correct drying process is automatically preset, constantly monitored and the desired final moisture is reliably achieved.

Heat treatment
Heat treatments to meet export packaging regulations (IPPC standard) run fully automatic. The timing starts when the required wood or air temperature is reached, the automatic shutdown occurs after the cooldown phase.

The printing of all data in tabular and graphical form is possible with a printer connected directly to the controller. In addition, a clear screen display and documentation, as well as a comfortable remote operation from the office with the LAUBER PC version  for the MP 9010 is possible.