LAUBER Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers

Over 5000 times worldwide proven technology

With LAUBER wood dryers, block goods and cut woods of all types of wood are dried quickly, fully automatically, inexpensively and with high quality.

Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers - optimal for smaller amounts of wood

Smaller quantities of wood are dried in LAUBER longitudinal flow dryers. These dryers need only little space for installaion and are used in workshops for interior decoration such as joiners, manufacturers of staircases, glaziers as well as wood patternshops, turners and producers of music instruments

In longitudinal ventilated dryers, a radial fan is installed at the front side. This fan sucks the air through the wood pile. From all sides on its entire length, each board is ventilated by the air flow. Even if the longitudinal dryer is not completely filled, best ventilation is guaranteed. In order to make the longitudinal air circulation effective, special air-permeable stacking strips (aluminium) are used. The air flows along the grain of the timber and thus along the natural flow of water in the wood. Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers are available as

All dryers are delivered ready for connection and have a durable, thermally insulated wall construction in proven LAUBER high quality. The outer panelling of the LAUBER wood dryers is made of painted aluminum sheet or Stucco trapezoidal sheet metal. A double-skin insulation ensures a very good insulation. The interior side panels are made of 1.5 mm seawater resistant aluminum.

The floor is designed as a tightly welded stainless steel tub and resistant to aggressive wood ingredients.

The fan is controlled by means of a frequency converter as standard. This allows energy savings of up to 80% (depending on the type and thickness of the wood that is being dried).

LAUBER Self-assembly units

All LAUBER longitudinal flow dryers are also available as self-assembly aggregates. The technology and control is provided by LAUBER, the well-insulated and vapor-tight housing is manufactured by the customer according to our plans.

Fully automatic drying thanks to control system MP 9010

As standard, all Lauber wood dryers are equipped with a PLC control with touch panel display. This guarantees an easy operation and fully automatic control of the drying process. Pest control (e.g. Sirex treatment) or heat treatments to meet export packaging regulations (IPPC standard) are possible at any time by connecting a printer and a wood temperature sensor. Special sizes and special designs (for example stainless steel) are available for all types of dryers.


LAUBER longitudinal flow dryers are equipped with an electric heating. Optionally, a warm water heat exchanger can be additionally connected. The corresponding heating mode can be selected fully automatically depending on the flow temperature of the heating system.