Tradition, performance and innovation is represented by LAUBER, Germany

One of our earlier “movable„ solutions of timber dryer
One of our earlier “moveable„ solutions of timber dryer

More than 4000 LAUBER dryers are successfully working all over the world. Our main customers are small to medium sized woodworking enterprises.  LAUBER wood dryers are also used in many institutes, schools and training workshops as training objects and reference assets.

Lauber is your professional partner for the implementation of efficient drying systems and utilisation concepts of water heat from biogas units, CHP plants or gasifiers.

Company Lauber in Alfdorf
Company Lauber in Alfdorf

Our main concern is to help you working professionally, economically and therefore more successfully. Whether you intend to dry a small or large wood quantity, whether you dry wood, steam wood or only warm-treat, if you ask for a bulk material dryer as a complete solution or only for individual components – we support you and will win you as a satisfied LAUBER customer”.
LAUBER Drying Technology