The history of company Lauber

Wood has a long tradition at Lauber

Started as carpentary, company Lauber developed into a renowned manufacturer of wood drying systems. Since 1965, more than 4500 small to medium-sized wood dryers have been delivered worldwide. In the adjacent areas of wood drying, such as tempering, air conditioning, steaming and drying of various materials, such as plastics, metals and cellulose, LAUBER is your contact and supplier of high-quality products as well.

Delivery of a longitudinal timber dryer in 1967

1970: New construction of company Wilhelm Lauber after relocation to Alfdorf


  • 1895 Founding of a carpentry in Lorch (Württ.) by Wilhelm Lauber I.
  • 1965 Construction of the first Lauber longitudinal flow timber dryer by Wilhelm Lauber III.
  • 1969 New construction and relocation of company Wilhelm Lauber to Alfdorf


  • 1975 Participation as exhibitor at the 1st LIGNA in Hannover, Germany
  • 1983 Wilhelm Lauber awarded with the Bavarian State Prize
  • 1984 Foundation of the LAUBER GmbH and takeover of the management by the sons Jürgen and Harald Lauber

Harald und Jürgen Lauber with a Lauber longitudinal flow timber dryer

Delivery of a Lauber timber dryer to a customer in the Alps


  • 1991 Takeover of the general agency Germany for company MÜHLBÖCK Trocknungstechnik. Competitors became partners. LAUBER concentrates on dryers for craftsmen, MÜHLBÖCK on equipment for the sawmill industry.
  • 1996 Move into new offices
  • 2000 Expansion of the production range by heat treatment technology
  • 2007 Move into new production hall

  • 2007 Sale of the 1st Lauber Energie-Nutz-Zentrale L-ENZ
  • 2013-2023 Continuous expansion of office and production capacities

Company Lauber in 1989


We value:

  • In-depth and intensive advice before and after your purchase
  • Satisfaction of our customers with their Lauber or Mühlböck product
  • Highest product quality
  • Service from spare parts delivery to customer service