Lauber ventilation floor for the construction of static drying bays suitable for vehicular access

Modular design and suitable for the drying of various different bulk materials

If bulk materials after drying are primarily processed at the same site, it is advisable to build one or more stationary drivable drying bays, which, for example, are filled with a front loader.

For this purpose, LAUBER offers heavy duty ventilation floor.

The elements have a standard dimension of 1.25 m x 1.25 m x 6 cm.

The ventilation floor supports a wheel load of up to 7 tons.

The modular design allows high flexibility concerning width and length of the single bays. The main advantage of the LAUBER ventilation floor is a full-surface and equal ventilation of the drying box. This guarantees uniform drying of the bulk material with the least possible moisture spread.

The full-surface ventilation prevents mould growth in the material caused by insufficient or uneven ventilation.

The universal ventilation floor is ideal for fine-grained, coarse-grained and coarse air-permeable material such as

  • wood chips
  • corn/maize
  • chopped wood (firewood)
  • hey/alfalfa
  • grain/seeds
  • bio waste such as horse manure
  • and many others

The foundation for the construction of a drying bay is made of concrete.

The air-directing substructure is made of timber beams or steel beams according to the specifications of Lauber.

The air will be pressed into the bay either from the back or from one side.

For connecting the dryer with the drying bay(s), LAUBER offers individual ducting solutions. By means of the adjustable air flaps, the amount of air can be individually distributed and differently dense material (such as corn and firewood) can be ventilated simultaneously.

Working with drying bays represent a very low-maintenance form of drying.

The size of ventilated area, which can be ventilated simultaneously, depends on the bulk material to be dried and the amount of available heat.

The modular design and the small grid allow maximum flexibility in the design and arrangement of the drying bays and air ducts.

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