Measuring devices

Depending on the application, we offer various measuring devices for monitoring or targeted drying.

Room thermo hygrometer

The room thermo hygrometer is used to monitor the indoor climate in workshops, storage rooms and new buildings in terms of wood moisture. The hands of the thermo hygrometer indicate the temperature and the relative humidity. At the intersection of the hands, the wood equilibrium moisture is read. This value is decisive for the shrinkage or swelling of the wood.

This hygrometer is used to monitor the indoor climate in living rooms, offices, workshops, storage rooms and new buildings in relation to the wooden or building moisture.

Measuring ranges:

Relative humidity:                                        20% to 100%

Temperature:                                                -10°C to +40°C

Wood equilibrium moisture content:  5 to 25%

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Wood moisture meters

Company LAUBER offers a variety of measuring devices for wood moisture, building moisture and temperature. All of them allow precise measurements of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thick), chipboard, veneer, firewood, and similar materials. Thanks to to the large wood moisture measuring range, it is ideal for individual measurements of suited for individual measurements of timber and lumber in all steps before and after processing.

It can be combined with a high variety of wood moisture, wood equilibrium moisture and temperature measurement points.

Particularly suitable for interior designers, parquet publishers, wood processing companies, technical wood drying, construction companies and architects.

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Stick-in electrodes and probes

For measuring material moisture in bulk solids, e.g. wood chips, wood shavings, the wood moisture meters can be equipped with a corresponding stick-in electrode.

These are equipped with a compression disk, insulation sleeves for the exclusion of surface moisture, and temperature measurement and have a plug-in depth of approx. 830 mm.

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The control system of the Lauber L-ENZ bulk material drying allows ventilation of the connected drying containers depending on the measured material temperature. This allows a temperature control of e.g. animal feed and hay bales or compost and waste material as well as the measurement of the drying progress of wood chips and grain.