• Company Lauber Drying Technologies

    The specialist in the field of wood drying and bulk material drying with over 60 years of experience

  • Lauber Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers

    Over 5.000 times proven technolgy and in use for decades: longitudinal flow dryers wood processing companies

  • Lauber L-ENZ - The Dryer for Bulk Solids

    Intelligent heat management combined with efficient bulk solids drying

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The room thermo hygrometer is used to monitor the indoor climate in workshops, storage rooms and new buildings in terms of wood moisture. The hands of the thermo hygrometer indicate the temperature and the relative humidity. At the intersection of the hands, the wood equilibrium moisture is read. This value is decisive for the shrinkage or swelling of the wood.

Measuring devices

LAUBER Bulk Material Dryer L-ENZ

Versatile bulk material drying system combined with intelligent heat utilisation - available from 50 kW up to 1.4 MW heat utilisation

Lauber Dryer L-ENZ

Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers

With 5.000 Timber Dryers delivered world-wide, company Lauber has established as market-leading supplier for timber / lumber dryers for small to medium sized companies in the wood working industry. All dryers are delivered ready for connection and have a durable, thermally insulated wall construction in proven LAUBER high quality. The dryers are available as a complete system for charging from the top, from the front or from the face side.

Longitudinal Flow Timber Dryers

Heat Treatment Systems

Next to wood drying, LAUBER is the competent supplier of innovative technology in various application areas of drying, steaming and tempering various materials.

LAUBER offers solution concepts tailored to individual problems - regardless of whether they are diverse sealants, rubbers, plastics, ceramics of all kinds or even animal food.

Heat Treatment Systems

Drying containers, Drying Floor

Company Lauber provides various equipment for bulk material drying, among them LAUBER TroCo hook-lift drying containers, special air-permeable fleece covers for containers, LAUBER ventilated drying floor for building static drying bays supporting up to 7 tons of wheel load, individual ducting and tubing solutions (also for temperature ranges above 110°C), measuring devices and much more.

Bulk Material Dryer L-ENZ

Lauber timber dryer

LAUBER has a wide product range which offers all-in-on solutions for efficient and automatic drying of timber/lumber as well as bulk solids such. Furthermore we offer individual equipment for drying, tempering, air conditioning and steaming of various materials, such as plastics, metals and cellulose.

LAUBER is general distributor of company MÜHLBÖCK in Germany since 1991.


  • Timber / lumber dryers of small and medium sizes
  • Heat treatment system / climate chambers up to 250°C
  • L-ENZ Bulk Material Dryer - for effcient and automatic heat surplus utilisation and drying of various bulk solids
  • Advising, support and training in all fields of drying