• L-ENZ - The dryer for bulk solids


A versatile bulk material dryer combined with an intelligent heat utilisation

The L-ENZ serves in combination with special ventilated hook-lift / roll-off containers or static drying bayes as an efficient and powerful system for drying bulk solids such as saw dust, wood chips and chopped wood (firewood), grain, maize, hay and bio waste such as digestate. The drying system is delivered ready for connection with integrated control room and flexible control system. High-quality components such as radial fan, frequency converters and heating technology are completely installed.

The warm air generated by the L-ENZ is pressed through flexible air hoses or insulated air ducts into the ventilation device and flows through the bulk material.

The entire system is versatile and individually adaptable to the on-site conditions, offers flexible connection options and is modularly expandable.
With the LAUBER L-ENZ you receive a low-maintenance and highly efficient complete system from a single source. From the clarification of the hydraulic integration into your heating network up to the selection of the suitable drying container: the team of company LAUBER will advise and supply you in reliable way!

Optimized for all common types of heat sources

The L-ENZ can utilise warm water-based heat from

  • biogas plants
  • biomass boilers
  • wood gasification plants
  • biomass heat power plants
  • carbonization plants
  • and others


Thanks to the fully automatic built-in control system of the L-ENZ, the dryer can be used as a heat sink for the heating network, while other heat consumers (such as a district heating network) are always prioritized.

CHP plants are cooled sufficiently – no heat will be wasted via emergency coolers.

The L-ENZ Drying System is a fully EEG-compliant system for the economical and meaningful utilisation of excess heat and compatible with energy handling systems such as the UK Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The technical principle

The L-ENZ drying system is available either with a weather-proof housing for outdoor installation or alternatively as steel frame construction without housing.

Fresh air is sucked in via a weather protection grid with filter fleece by means of a high-performance radial fan and pressed through the water-to-air heat exchanger.

The special fan design guarantees higher pressures at lower power consumption compared to freely rotating radial fans, which are often installed in other drying systems.

The system has a pressure-optimized design on both the water and air sides, thus guaranteeing the lowest possible operating costs. On average, 1-3% electrical energy is required for utilising 100% thermal energy. E.g. when utilising 300 kWh/h of thermal energy, the L-ENZ dryer will operate with 3 to max. 9 kWh/h of electrical energy consumption depending on what material will be dried and which water flow and air inlet temperature the dryer deals with.

The heated air is supplied via flexible air hoses and insulated air ducts into various types of drying bins such as hook-lift drying containers or stationary drying boxes, which are equipped with appropriate ventilation floor.

By means of individually adjustable air shut-off flaps, the air is individually distributed automatically according to different specifications or manually. The air outlet side of the L-ENZ (ducting, bins, ...) can be extended individually at a later time.

The L-ENZ continuously generates high air outlet temperatures close to the given water flow temperature of the heating. Highest possible air temperatures are the basic requirement for an efficient drying process, as the temperature of the air has a decisive influence on the air's moisture absorption capacity and thus on the drying time.

The right hydraulic integration into your heating network

Efficient heat utilization and drying already starts with the hydraulic integration of the drying plant.

We explain why an integration into the system's return is fundamentally wrong and why a costly system separation is not needed for the safe operation of a L-ENZ dryer.

The L-ENZ is supplied with a complete heating package, including water amount regulation designed individually for your on-site heat network. Thanks to its great flexibility, the L-ENZ can, for example, be easily integrated into an existing district heating pipe or connected directly to a buffer tank.

The control system of the L-ENZ not only controls the fan of the dryer, but also the hot water supply according to various control criteria. Next to the monitoring of a buffer storage, this also ensures reliable operation in case of highly differing amounts of available heat over the year.

Utilisation of up to 1.4 MW heat with one system

The L-ENZ is available in nine different standard sizes. The number of simultaneously ventilated container depends on the given amount of heat, desired air outlet temperature and the type of bulk material.





Containers with wood chips

Containers with firewood

L-ENZ 80

1,0 kWhel/h

3,0 kW el.

80 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 150

1,8 kWhel/h

5,5 kW el.

150 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 280

2,5 kWhel/h

7,5 kW el.

280 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 370

3,6 kWhel/h

11,0 kW el.

370 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 520

4,9 kWhel/h

15,0 kW el.

520 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 650

6,1 kWhel/h

18,5 kW el.

650 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 800

10,0 kWhel/h

30,0 kW el.

800 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 1000

12,5 kWhel/h

37,0 kW el.

1000 kWhth/h



L-ENZ 1250

18,0 kWhel/h

55,0 kW el.

1250 kWhth/h



We also realise larger projects in which, for example, two L-ENZ units are controlled by one control system.

Extensive and versatile accessories for the air outlet side of the L-ENZ dryer

The L-ENZ can be combined with a variety of different drying containers.

Individually planned and insulated air ducts and flexible air hoses are used to connect the L-ENZ with the drying bins. Air ducts are optimized in terms of air flow and reduce the running electricity costs respectively, due to the lower pressure loss, allow a higher heat utilisation compared to (too) long air hoses.

All duct parts have a very high continuous pressure resistance and are available for high air temperatures well above 100°C.

Depending on the on-site requirement and logistical conditions, the bulk materials can, for example, be dried in

The modular design allows an individual extension and enlargement of the system.

Economical and gentle drying of a high variety of bulk solids

With the L-ENZ you can economically and gently dry all air-permeable bulk goods, among them for example:

  • Wood chips for the provision as storable regenerative substitute fuel
  • Logs / firewood for increasing the calorific value
  • Corn/maize and grain for gaining storability and reducing associated transport costs
  • Seeds / herbs / hemp plants for seed increase and for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Biowaste such as horse manure (as bedding for cows) or the sieve discharge from waste management companies
  • Animal feed such as broken sugar beet as a rot-free food supplement for farm animals
  • Substitute fuels from waste with a high water content to reduce transport costs

As standard, the control system of the L-ENZ comes with control functions for the gentle drying of temperature-sensitive materials. Alfalfa wihich builds the basis for the production of high-quality hay milk, retains its nutrients thanks to gentle drying with the L-ENZ. Seeds retain their germination ability.

Efficient and fully automatic operation thanks to intelligent control

A machine is only as economical as its operation allows. An intelligent control is an essential requirement for the efficiency, operational safety and ease of use of a drying plant.

Therefore, the touch panel control builds an essential part of every L-ENZ dryer. It monitors all operating parameters and controls all actuators. From the water supply to the air volume generation and distribution, the L-ENZ control system controls both the heat consumption and the entire drying process.

Individual extensions also allow the monitoring of external equipment such as a buffer storage and provide features such as the cooling of grain after drying.

Take advantage of our experience!

Today, more than 1,050 L-ENZ dryers are in operation worldwide.

The portfolio of already completed projects ranges from a L-ENZ 80 with a 20 m² drying box connected to a 75 kW biogas plant up to a L-ENZ 1250 with a 60-meter-long air duct and 20 simultaneously ventilated hook-lift drying containers at a biomass combined heat and power plant.

Whether sole heat consumer connceted to a biomass boiler or energy utilisation control center with buffer storage control and fully automatic air flap control according to material temperature or in connection with vehicle load cells - the L-ENZ is the central technical all-in-one solution and combines monitoring of the heating network, economical heat utilisation and efficient drying in one!

In operation worldwide

Numerous customers outside Europe appreciate the experience of LAUBER.

Whether a research centre in Canada, a veneer plant in Ivory Coast or a local power generator in Japan, companies worldwide rely on the reliability of the L-ENZ.

For overseas projects, LAUBER offers the L-ENZ in a special construction installed into an intermodal shipping container. Containers or trailers from a local supplier can be easily equipped with LAUBER ventilated drying floor and used for drying.

If required in the respective country of destination, we offer individual machine inspections and certifications by an authorized testing center.

Operation with alternative heat carrier media: It does not always have to be water heat!

Your heating network works on thermal oil basis with high flow temperature?
You have large amounts of heat available in the form of steam and you want to dry bulk solids?
In times of low feed-in tariffs, you would like to use a part of your photovoltaic energy for drying high-quality seeds?

Then please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to offer you the L-ENZ technology in combination with the use of alternative heat carrier media!